Resumes, Cover Letters and References

Create a Resume and Cover Letter That Pack a Punch!

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  • Look at resume samples and templates based upon your major. Build a resume from scratch using the step-by-step builder.
  • Search jobs and internships and save searches so that you will receive new positions as they are posted! Click on the extended job search tool for over 2 million job postings!
  • Check out the document section for great how-tos. Use the Student Interface User Guide to help you better navigate the site!

Before you build your resume read these!

  • FAQ for resume writing – Here are some answers to common questions we receive from students.
  • Resume Writing Made Easy– This step-by-step guide gives you all you need to know about how to write an effective resume. There is also a sample on the second page!
  • Check out this Before After Sample of how you can tailor a resume to suit the position! We have other samples on NUJobLink.
  • Proofreading – One of the biggest errors people make on resumes are spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Printed resume, scannable resume, plain-text resume, electronic resume? What’s the difference? Do I need all of them? What about the technical stuff? What about privacy? Get all the answers at Riley Guide.
  • Transferable skills – You gain transferable skills through a variety of life experiences, such as volunteering, work, school, and social interactions. These skills will pay rich dividends in the long run because the content you learn in formal classes goes out‐of‐date very quickly these days, whereas skills are something you build upon and enhance every day.
  • Employers are now using applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan your resume/cover letter for key words and phrases. Before you send your resume off, cut and past the position description/requirements into Wordle or Tagcrowd.
  • Be sure to follow these rules when formatting your resume for an applicant tracking system

Federal Resumes

Federal resumes are not that much different than a private sector resume but they will require more information such as exact start and end dates, supervisor’s name and contact information, your salary or hourly rate, citizenship along with many other details that a private sector resume doesn’t have. Private sector resumes are more tailored to the position and do not require you to have your job description in great detail. Start with a private sector resume and you will have most of the necessary things you need to then plug into your federal resume. To build a federal resume you will want to set up your account on


Cover letters and references

  • Cover Letter (pdf) includes general information, format and content information, hints on reading and using the job description to write your cover letter, as well as a sample letter.
  • References is a simple how-to guide with advice on whom you should consider for professional references.
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