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You may be asking yourself, “Where do I begin?” At this point you should have already completed your preparation, from career exploration to creating a killer LinkedIn profile. Now what?

We all know that applying for jobs online is the norm, but how do you get noticed when there can be upwards of 250 applicants for every position? You can start by watching this Willamette University video on job search strategy. Remember, it is all about differentiating yourself and creating a brand!

Before you start looking, it is very important to read this:

  1. Work with the Career and Internship Center to develop a tailored strategy!
  1. Handshake is FREE for students and alumni to use! First time users can register by using their A#. Click on forgot password and the system will send one to your Norwich email.Look at resume samples and templates based upon your major. Build a resume from scratch using the step-by-step builder.
    • Search jobs and internships and save searches so that you will receive new positions as they are posted! Click on the extended job search tool for over 2 million job postings!
    • Take a look at Employers that post on our site. Read about their companies and favorite them so that you can refer back during your job search!
    • Check out the document section for great how-tos. Use the Student Interface User Guide to help you better navigate the site!
  1. Join the Norwich University Connections LinkedIn LinkedIn is not Facebook. It is a professional networking site established by and for NU alumni to help with job and other professional information. The essence of this site is to “Hire Norwich First!” Click on “Networking” to be brought to our LinkedIn page, where you can review LinkedIn tutorials and join our group, which already has thousands of members! For more information on how to better use LinkedIn check out our networking page.
  1. Take advantage of your local NU alumni club. It’s a great way to have some fun and get some face-to-face networking done! (Even in the 21st Century, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!) Also, consider joining local chambers of commerce, Rotary clubs, etc., for more networking opportunities. Click here to learn more about club events in your area
  1. Attend job fairs at Norwich, other colleges and universities in Vermont where we are consortium partners, in your local area, and those sponsored by local firms or chambers of commerce.
  1. Use job search engines. There are tons of great sites available – too many, actually. To make your search more relevant, be as industry-specific as possible. Even general sites allow more specific searches using key words. Be sure to sign up for daily or weekly job alerts on the sites you actively use to make your search easier! Indeed, LinkedIn, Simply Hired, Careerbuilder, Rileyguide, Glassdoor, and if you wish to live and work in Vermont check out Vermont Job Link! If you are interested in Federal jobs, be sure to read this before applying – General Information about Government Jobs. Check out postings at USAjobs.
  1. Target specific companies and go after them! Targeting companies can really help you to focus your eyes on the prize. Often times if you are just applying to anything that looks good you are just shooting at fish in a barrel. Figure out where you want to live and where you want to work. Location and company can really help you when you are selling yourself to that company. They will see that you really want to be there and that you were intentional in your search. Google companies in those areas that do what you want to do!
  1. Join industry specific professional organizations and use their websites. Attend conferences or seminars sponsored by these groups to do some face-to-face networking. Conferences also allow you to learn about what’s new in your industry, track trends, and discover job opportunities. Read the organization’s publications, which often have a classified/jobs section. See who’s hiring. Even if a job is not exactly the right position for you, the fact that a specific company is hiring is important information. Example: American Marketing Association (AMA)
  1. If you have military experience, go to Register and attend their job fairs, as these fairs attract employers looking specifically for individuals with previous military employment and skills. Recently, these job fairs have also been open to the general professional public, as well.
  1. Employment agents, especially those who specialize in specific industries, can be a very valuable resource. Just be sure to read and understand any contracts before you sign them. Once you have your degree, you should NOT be paying any sort of “finder’s fee.”
  1. Think internationally, especially if you have a technical career or strong language skills.
  1. Consider an internship, contract, part-time or temporary position as a way to get your foot in the door. Then network like crazy, do your best work, and be someone the employer wants to hire on a permanent basis.

NOTE: Did you know that you may also qualify for the Federal Loan Forgiveness Program if you work in the Public Sector, Education or certain areas of Health Care?

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