Internship Q and A

What types of internships does Norwich University offer?

Most departments at Norwich offer internship courses as part of your major.  Students work closely with a professor from their department to complete specific curriculum requirements while doing their internship.  Norwich University currently offers internship courses in the following departments:

How do I find an internship?

  • Start with the people you know: family, friends, past employers and professors.
  • Meet with NU’s internship coordinator to develop a strategy for identifying and applying for potential internship sites.
  • Use NU’s Career Center Website for strategies to improve your networking skills and to develop internship search methods.
  • Get prepared for your internship search by working with Career Center staff on your resume, cover letter and interview skills.

When should a student start looking for an internship for summer?

It’s a good idea to start the process in the fall semester, if possible. Most internships will have application deadlines in the winter or spring, but if you start researching opportunities and preparing your resume in the fall you’ll be in much better shape to submit that application in the spring.

Some internships, however, will have deadlines in the fall. For instance, any internship that requires a security clearance, and many internships with the federal government will have deadlines in November or sometimes even earlier. So if you think you might want such an internship (for example, with the CIA or the FBI) you’ll need to be aware of that earlier deadline.

It’s also important to know, though, that if you haven’t started until late in the spring semester, you may still be able to find an internship. Most opportunities come about in very informal ways, and don’t have official deadlines.

How can the Career Center help students find internships?

We have a number of resources that can help students find internships. The first step is always to have a conversation to help you figure out what you’re hoping to get out of the internship, how it fits into your overall academic plan, and to begin looking at your own personal network of contacts. Then we can help you find ways to research internship opportunities, including through many online sources that we have on our website, and help you create a networking plan. We can also help you get connected with the Norwich alumni network, which is thousands of people across the world who are eager to help current students get real world experience.

Why should students seek internships?

An internship can give you the hands-on experience that will complement your academic experience. At Norwich, we understand better than many schools the importance of doing in addition to learning, and an internship is one of the best ways to put that into action.

Having an internship on your resume will also give you a huge leg up when it comes to looking for a job in the future. Many employers are now expecting to see internship experience when they interview candidates, and in fact, many internship positions have the potential to turn into full-time employment.

Even students who are planning a military career will benefit from an internship, because the contacts made in an internship can be valuable for years to come, no matter what career choices you make.

Are there companies that come to Norwich seeking students for internships?

Every year the Career Center holds two career fairs on campus  and there are always employers at these fairs looking for interns. In addition, we also have a number of employers who contact us directly looking for Norwich students, and we have some strong partnerships with companies where there is an alumni connection. Norwich students have a reputation for being serious, hard working, and highly skilled.

Are there internships available right here on campus?

There are a few on-campus internships, but they are the exception. The vast majority of internships take place at sites other than Norwich. While the internship coordinator will often send out lists of internship opportunities, the majority of internships involve students finding them through extensive searches.

Can students just go off and do an internship and have it count for credit, or is there a process they must go through at Norwich?

If you want to get credit for your internship, you must register for an internship course, and you must have faculty approval. This is why it’s especially important to start planning early, so that you have time to find an internship and to have it approved by a faculty advisor for credit. You can’t get credit for your internship retroactively.

The process for receiving credit for an internship varies slightly from department to department, so the best thing to do is either to come in and talk to the Internship Coordinator, or to talk to your advisor.

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