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About Internships at Norwich


One of the best ways to extend your learning beyond the classroom is to do an internship that gets you into a work environment to apply your academic skills directly, through hands-on experience.

Internships can be valuable for every student, and more and more employers are expecting to see internships on resumes when they hire college grads. Nearly 2 out of 3 people who are hired straight out of college have internship experience!

At Norwich, there are lots of options for internships:

  • You can do an internship during the school year or during the summer
  • Students in any major can do internships
  • You can get classroom credit for many internships
  • Many internships are paid

We have a full-time internship coordinator who is here to help you find the best opportunity for you. Most students do internships in their sophomore year or later, but it’s never too early to come in and start planning with the coordinator.

Internships are supervised, goal-oriented, and integrated into the student’s overall educational plan. They combine thinking and action, conception and execution. Internships bring together the best of work and school into a first-class educational experience for the student, and a valuable, beneficial position for the employer.

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