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Assessments are often very helpful when you are not sure about what you want to do and what occupations be the best fit. Using skills, interests, motivations, values and personality assessments as part of your career search strategy will allow you to discover connections between aspects of yourself and aspects of a particular career field or occupation. In turn, leading to more effective career-related decisions.


Focus2 This self-directed, online career and education planning tool will enable you to self-assess your career relevant personal qualities and explore career fields and major areas of study that are most compatible with your assessment results. Students who use FOCUS make better decisions about their goals and plans and learn how to self-manage their careers. Be sure to use the workbook as you move through the assessment process. Focus 2 Student Workbook

Use FOCUS to help you choose or change your major and also to verify your preferences or early choice.



The CIC also offers The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. This is a more in depth tool that helps people match their interests with potential educational, career, and leisure activities, using an individual’s preferences in a variety of areas to aid them in discovering what they’d most enjoy doing with their work and their free time. This assessment must be interpreted by a certified practitioner. Your results will be reviewed and interpreted with you in an appointment upon completion.

To take FOCUS 2 or the Strong Interest Inventory please contact the Career and Internship Center at or by phone at 802-485-2125.

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